"As a mom and a Kindergarten teacher, I could not be more thrilled with the education that my daughter is getting at Start Write preschool. Quinn is more than ready for kindergarten. Start Write has an amazing academic program--Quinn is already reading! In addition, Miss Heather has encouraged Quinn to grow socially and emotionally. My shy, quiet little girl has come into her own through Heather's care. If you have a preschooler, I would encourage you to go to Start Write preschool. Your child will receive a superior education from a warm, caring, and enthusiastic educator. Miss Heather is truly amazing!! "
Kristie Haigh
Quinn's (age 4) Mom (2013 - 2014 School Year)

What do the students have to say about Startwrite? :

Avery (3 years old)- "I like Blackie the bunny!"
Quinn (4 years old)- "I love talking with the elephant during sharing time and playing with my friends Lorelei and Taryn!"
Finn (4 years old)- "I like doing Centers and sitting on the carpet!"
Izzy (3 years old)- "My favorite thing at Miss Heather's is playing with Play Doh
Noah( 4 years old)- "My favorite part is playing. My second favorite is Centers and my third favorite part is carpet time where we learn stuff!"
Lorelei (4 years old)- "I enjoy Miss Heather's outfits. She looks so pretty. I like using the I pads, learning sight words, Miss Heather's hair and coloring on the windows with crayons! I lpve everything in preschool and yes, the students can go on-line!"
Brady (4 years old)- "I love going to the I pad Center to play educational games. Oh, and I love playing with Noah because he loves tractors just like me and Miss Heather has LOTS of tractors!"
Taryn (4 years old)- I like four things, Centers, art projects, play time and eating! I also like coloring the snow, nature walks and reading. I love Miss Heather and I like her. I do not like cleaning though!"
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